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ICE Protocol

Incentivized Consumer Ecosystem Protocol

ICE protocol uses blockchain technology to expand the value of consumer
data through decentralization.

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Despite the inherent value consumer data holds,
only few large firms can reap the benefit - others are limited in utilizing the data.

  • costly


    Given that consumer data is purchase based, the data is dependent upon consumers’ participation.

    It is costly and time consuming for each services to build their own database.

  • fragmentation


    Consumer data is fragmented among firms and industries. Given its private nature, it is difficult to share or integrate the data on firm-level.

    Partial and fragmented data can only provide limited value.

  • credibility


    Credibility of data is an important quality that is at stake if quantity or coverage of data is limited.

    It becomes more vulnerable to abuse and becomes obsolete fast.

ICE Protocol

ICE is an open consumer-data network.
Services can use ICE incentive system to gather data at zero cost.
Services can freely use ICE to store and use consumer-data.



ICE adopts 3 states of token in its ecosystem.


Example 1

Collect basket data,

On each payment, enable users to share their purchase experience with ICE SDK. Both participating consumers and payment services earn ICE when contributions are made.
All in all, zero cost to gather consumer feedback and additional opportunity to profit when its users participate.

Example 2

Price comparison

Gain instant access to tons of consumer data from ICE Network. All data is open to use. Stake ICE token to boost quality of network.
After staking, just focus on expanding core services and reaching users. ICE will provide up-to-date consumer data from both on and off-line industries, at all times.

Example 3

Market Research

Identify key customers.
Measure impact of recent marketing campaigns.
Get real-time insight on market trend.
Create and manage panels.

Powered by TENQUBE

TENQUBE serves 3 million native app users with data analyzing products.
TENQUBE also provides Wallet SDK to support SK Syrup and KT CLIP,
which are wallet services provided by Korea’s No.1 and No.2 telco companies.
Each has over 10 million users.


  • partner sk planet
  • partner kt
  • partner ibk
  • partner nielsen
  • partner richnco
  • partner futureplay




  • Jihoon Kim

    Director, Nielsen Korea

  • Sungjae Hwang

    CEO, FoundationX

  • Daeho Lee

    Professor, Sungkyunkwan